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kam2452's Journal

7 September 1990
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Collector Of: Stuffed Animals, Pillows

Likes: Renaissance Festival, Anime Conventions, Choreography, Paranormal Things, Shiny things

Dislikes: Onions, BelPeppers

[Animal] White Tiger, Siberian Husky, Panda, Dragons
[Book] Vampire Novels (ex:Blackwood Farm)
[Manga] Junjo Romantica, Gravitation, Tsubasa Chronicles
[Anime] Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z, Cardcaptor Sakura
[Movie] Interview with the Vampire, Meet Joe Black
[Food] Lasagña
[Drink] PB&Choco Smoothie, Apple Juice Cocktail, Root Beer, Dr.Pepper
[Time Period] Renaissance (Miedieval England)
[Sweets] Reeses, White Chocolate
[Ice Cream] White Chocolate Moose

Facts About Me - I've been in four car accidents - I've twisted my ankle twice - I've wanted a Siberian Husky since I was seven - I sleep surrounded by pillows - I like sarcasm - I like verbal play fighting - I love my bento box - I've recently gotten into wearing rings - I kinda like wearing obvious "girl" clothes (ex:dress) - I'll only buy a "Kathy" brand purse - I'd really like to go all out, cosplay wise, for a convention - I started wearing contacts this year - I like to cuddle - I like using puppets to draw